Want to love the look of your home?

Professional staging is about making your home appealing to the most buyers and reinventing your spaces so it shows the best features to prospective buyers.

We use a combination of all of our experience and talent to bring out the very best in your property.  Home Staging and Redesign is much more affordable than many people imagine. Your investment will ensure your home has maximum appeal to buyers, less time on the market, and top notch marketing.

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·         Using a photo-filled, detailed staging checklist we walk through the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, staging strategies that are designed to have big, emotional impact on your buyers.




·     We will make huge transformations using what you have to make the most of each space!  We will bring in gorgeous staging accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list and get higher impact photos.




              Homes that are empty are in special need of staging and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other staging companies do not offer. Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides a Good, Better, Best option to fit every budget.